Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Frozen Water Balloons

The other day my dad brought to my attention an activity that he thought Bug would really enjoy. Frozen water balloons. The concept is to put food colouring into balloons filled with water, place them outside, and allow them to freeze so that, when the balloon is removed, frozen coloured ice orbs lay in its place. Like giant marbles! I loved the idea so much that I thought we needed to try it right away.
What you need :
- balloons
- assorted food colouring
- the cold outdoors
- scissors

Place the food colouring inside of the balloon BEFORE filling it up with water. Tie the knot and place it in a container for easy carrying. Once you have all the balloons tied, carry the container outside and place each water balloon in the snow. Leave alone. Once it has had time to freeze (at least overnight to a couple of days*) take a pair of scissors and cut the a little hole into the balloon so that it can be peeled away from the ice. Make sure all balloon shells are picked up and thrown away. Enjoy the coloured orbs that you created!!

*we left ours overnight, however, if we wanted the balls to be more solid than they were, we probably should have left them for a few days. We will definitely be attempting this activity again and leaving them outside for a longer period of time.
Put the food colouring into the balloon before filling it up with water. Trust me. :) 
Time to take them outside. If you don't want to wait for them to freeze, throwing them at this stage would also be a very fun activity. Colour that snow! 
Morning time!
Going to slit some holes into the balloon casings! 
We didn't leave them outside long enough for them to freeze entirely. Colourful water exploded everywhere. However, my almost-four-year-old giggled the entire time. She had an absolute blast playing with the ice shells and dumping out the coloured water all over the white snow. 
The shells were still so very pretty! 
Once I had finished taking my "pretty" photos, I asked Bug what she wanted to do with them. Throwing and stepping on them came to her mind, and so she did. I think all but three were destroyed. Those lucky three she placed in her wagon, why I do not know, but it will be fun to see them melt over the next few days.  
We will definitely be doing this activity again. It was beautiful and so much fun. Like I have mentioned above, we will try to keep them outside longer before we open up the balloons. I definitely want to seem them more solid than how we found them today. I also want to buy more food colours so that we can make the rainbow. 

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