Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bug's Room Tour

Today Bug and I are both extremely excited to show and share her "Big Sister" space with all of you. Her room has been an ever evolving space full of imagination, fun, and, well, everything that is "her". I have always wanted her to have a space that she felt was one hundred precent hers, a place that no matter how she was feeling she could find comfort in, a place that she wouldn't mind spending hours in, and a place that, of course, housed all of her teddybear friends. Her love for colours, Paw Patrol, art, butterflies, dressing up, and books shine bright in this space. It is filled with trinkets from travels and treasures from loved ones - I love how many memories sit in this one room. I hope you enjoy seeing her space.
 Girl with Flowers in her Hair Print - Art & Soul Creative Co
a souvenir from Japan
Post card wall from loved ones.
Her shelves may be one of the reasons the Husband thinks we have too many books - I cannot help but want to find all of the books that I loved as a child and fill her shelves with them. I also cannot wait for her to learn and find the joy in them for herself. 
I really hope you enjoyed viewing her space. If there is anything else that you want to know where we got it, please let me know, and I will find links. Some items I have had for years so they may no longer be available, but I will try hard to find something similar. xoxo

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