Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekly Snippets

 Baby feet under a cozy blanket and I am attempting to make socks again, hopefully correctly this time. Cut up pieces of bread for a yummy cheese appetizer for our Friendsgiving! (It was the only picture I took the entire evening, haha) 
 Busy cleaning the house before my parents come over for turkey supper. The fall decorations on the mantel are making me very happy.
 Bug's first pumpkin creation, she designed this face all by herself and I think she did an amazing job! And pretty fall colours in my mini garden. I am smitten with this time of year. 
 Started reading Persuasion by Jane Austin - now just need to find time to continually pick it up. Baby snuggles and little fingers. I am thinking of nicknaming her Birdie - it just rolls off the tongue better than Lion does. 
The Paw Patrol are making sure that the baby doesn't roll off the couch! haha. Bug is such a great big sister. Bug has been begging to begin working on her school book again, so we finally pulled it out of our cupboard. Working on lowercase "e".
We went on a family walk without the husband, but we had a baby bear friend! Bug really wanted to push him in her stroller, so we did.
 Every couple of minutes we would have to stop to check and see if Bear was doing okay. haha. Pretty fall colours.
 She is loving her piano lessons so much! I love hearing her play and sing. When a project first doesn't work out, try, try, try again! I feel like my theme during pregnancy was to make projects that I would end up "frogging." Ugh!
 Pinecone art from Bug!
 Bear is my third child apparently! I need to make sure that he isn't crying! Thankfully Bug is the one in charge of his diapers and feeding him. Making turkey potpies at 11:30pm - I am part awesome and part crazy!
Early morning baby snuggles!! Love, love, love these moments.

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