Monday, October 02, 2017

Weekly Snippets

A very textured filled sky and bath paints with Bug. Green water is a must, painting is a must! 
Snowing on our way back from the Dr's office! So beautiful with all of the yellow leaves. Bug is so excited for snow. 
Watching some yarn podcasts and timing out those contractions. This photo of Bug was taken by her Memaw while Husband and I were at the hospital! 
Celebration calls for flowers! There is another little girl in our house! 
Our mornings are hard (mostly because I cannot for the life of me wake up!) so we paint, because painting is fun and it is easy. 
Then Bug got hooked! Wahoo! 
Baby legs and pretty roses. 
Some of our flowers were dying from bouquets that we were blessed with, so Bug got to play with them. She ripped some apart, squished others, sorted by colour, and picked out her favourites. I hung a couple of roses by our mantel so that they could dry out and I could put into baby's memory box. 
They are the best of friends and my children are my happy thoughts. 
Bug figured out the camera on my phone and took a couple of awesome photos!
 Bug has been loving all of the family that has been coming to visit us lately. Her favourite thing to do is to show everyone her room. She loves her space and all she wants to do is to play in it. One of my favourite things to do in the morning is to look at Bug's bed. She plays quietly in her bed, allowing us to sleep in, and the toys that I find and the way everything is displayed is often way too precious. 

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