Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Our Little Dandelion

On September 20th, at 5:44 am, after one long contraction, and two pushes later, I got to hold our precious little bundle of joy - a little girl, our second daughter. She came fast and I was ready! We have been waiting forever for her to join us and yet it feels like she has always been here. She fits perfectly into our family, our missing puzzle piece, and we have been adjusting to life with a newborn with so much ease.

She was 7 pounds, 15 ounces, 20 inches of sweet baby perfection - the exact same weight and length that Bug was. And now that it has almost been two weeks, our baby is thriving and gaining weight like crazy.

At two weeks old she has already been sleeping extremely well through the nights. She wakes up every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours and goes straight back to bed after feeding. My energy levels and mood are high since I am getting descent sleep and I find that I have energy for both children come morning - this is something I worried about before the baby was born. Baby loves to grunt and hold her head up high. She loves looking at everything, she adores hearing her sister's voice, she has started taking interest in things around her (baby toys or grabbing faces and hands), and she loves music. Breastfeeding is going so much better than it did with Bug - since I know what I am doing! It has been incredible being able to take all the time that we can to hold her and get to know our new family member.

Lovebug is absolutely smitten with her. Always wanting to snuggle, kiss, hug, and hold, always ready to help me out with anything that I need or help out her baby sister. Bug has definitely made this transition easier, and other than our lack of energy at the very beginning, she has not been sad or envious of our new family member or the fact that she has to share her mommy and daddy. We purposely made sure that we were including her in everything from the very beginning and we made sure that she has been having one on one time with daddy and mommy every single day. I honestly think that being intentional about those two things have helped with this transition so much. And Bug, after trying out many nicknames, has affectionately called her Dandelion - so that is what we call her, and because she likes to grunt, I call her my little Lion for short.

Life has been going extremely well. Adjusting to balance, to a little lack of freedom (on my part), figuring out how to juggle it all and then deciding not to juggle any of it and to just be present. Intentional to this part of our life. To these fresh baby moments, the beginnings of our family of four. If laundry gets done, laundry gets done. If not, oh well. Life is perfect and I honestly wish I could bottle up these moments so that I can remember them forever. Especially the new baby smell. We are all healthy, we are all happy, and life couldn't possibly get any sweeter. xo

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