Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homemade Paintbrushes

Art projects have become quite a regular at our house lately. I love that I can set up something on the table for Bug to do and she can sit and play at it for however long she likes. Whether its with beads, play-doh, colouring, or paint - she loves having that time to just create. We have been doing so many things and I am sure we will be posting about them all (or most of them) soon.

Lately she has been very interested in playing with paint. She enjoys painting with watercolours and has been asking how to make all the colours. She already knows the formula to make purple, orange, and green, but she started asking how to make all of the other colours (including white, haha). So I started pulling out the paint and getting her to experiment with mixing two colours together or showing her what happens when adding black or white to a colour. She has been really enjoying it, especially when she lets go of the paintbrush and just uses her hands instead. I want her to have fun when it comes to these kinds of projects and we really have no end goal in mind expect to have fun. If she asks a question, I will answer or show her, and we learn together, however, if she just wants to get messy, we go for it. Sometimes we end up with paint on our forehead and it makes us laugh.

A couple of days ago, just to keep the excitement going and to add something new to her, I decided to create all new paintbrushes for her to play with. At first she seemed really confused by what I was asking, but once she realized that I truly meant for her to paint with a stick, flower, and other fun items, she got excited and started to play.
Using clothespins as the handle, I went around the house and grabbed items that I thought would be fun for her to use. I used yarn, pipe cleaners, flowers, a piece of plant, feathers, twine, a paintbrush, a pinecone, a stick, and a little orange craft ball. I clipped them in place, got some paint for her, and told her to start out by drawing lines - just to see what she thought of them and to see if there was any difference with the lines she made. 
Once her lines were complete she told me that painting with the feather was her favourite because it was soft. She also told me that painting with the pinecone scared her because a piece of it broke off - she didn't "know that would happen". haha. The picture below is the finished lines.
After she was done testing them all out, she wanted to paint a different picture using the feather paintbrush, a regular paintbrush and her hands. So we did.
Painting with her is so much fun. I love that she enjoys being creative with me and doesn't mind that I ask her to do silly things like paint with a flower. It is my hope to make some veggie stamps for her soon so that she can see the fun in that. Let me know if there are any other fun things we can do with paint. I enjoy looking at Pinterest for ideas, but if there are any projects that you, dear readers, have used yourself and loved, I would really like to hear about them. We don't mind being creative, we don't mind getting messy, and we definitely don't mind having fun. xo 

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