Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Lovebug is at the dining room table, colouring on tiny pieces of paper that she cut out herself. Muttering stories to her finger guys so quietly that there is no possible way for me to know what she is saying. Lion is swinging in her swing, the clicking of the motor and her little grunts coincide. I am taking this moment to think about some of the things we have been doing currently, to catch you all up on, and for me to reflect back on. I am loving these moments.

Reading // my reading stride has slowed a little (I mean a lot) with the arrival of new baby. Any spare moment I have found was spent resting or sleeping. I want to pick it up again and I am currently reading a great book that keeps calling my name - Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It is known as a Beauty and the Beast retelling and I have been really digging the storyline. For book club we have started reading Persuasion by Jane Austin. We decided that every other book we read should be a classic - an idea that I absolutely love. I have never read Persuasion before so I am really excited to see if I end up loving it as much as Pride and Prejudice.

If any of you are on Goodreads feel free to add me as a friend. I have really enjoyed being able to keep track of all books that I have read as well as the books that I want to read.

Playing // trying to spend a lot of time being intentional about playing with Bug. Finding the balance between spending time with both kids is definitely something I am still learning all about. The last thing I would ever want is for Bug to feel like she has been replaced or that we only have time for the needs of the baby. Any spare moment finger guys and alien snail guys (both creatures that we create with our fingers) come out. And now that the baby doesn't mind her swing or mind being put down, craft projects, school and music lessons have resumed. The only thing I want to work on is taking both the girls out for walks - that is something that I have not yet done by myself yet and my anxiety tends to make it a bigger "chore" than I know it is.

Watching // there have definitely been a few shows that I have binge watched during Lion's first five days on earth - five days of newborn snuggles around the clock. I really enjoyed The Good Place and the Crown, both found on Netflicks. I was actually very sad when I found out that there was only one season of the Crown on there - so hoping they add more soon. Husband and I have also been having a lot of date nights once Bug goes to bed and Lion is up for her cluster-feeds, bedtime snuggles - we have finished up this seasons of Terrace House (an awesome Japanese reality tv show) and are currently watching Daredevil. We also have three more episodes of Orphan Black to watch before we are officially done with that show. I also heard that This Is Us is incredible so I have added that to my list of shows to start.

Dreaming // as my friend would say, I have been doing a lot of dream knitting. I want to knit all the projects and have all the yarn and knit all the things. The Find Your Fade Shawl and the Endless Wrap are two projects that I am yearning to make! SO BAD! I finally found the colours I want to make the Find Your Fade Shawl from this Etsy Store and now all I need to do is save my pennies! I also want to knit all the socks! Feel free to add me as a friend on Ravelry as well. ;)

Cooking // I have been trying to get back into the kitchen to make homemade meals again. We have been blessed with many home cooked meals and gift cards for restaurants that we really haven't had to think about meal planning and grocery shopping. It has been such a blessing. Now that things are winding down, however, I am beginning to crave getting back into it all - the cooking, the meal planning, all of it. I am craving homemade soups and stews and turkey pot pies.

Crafting // right now the majority of crafting is being done by Bug. She is painting, colouring, and playing with play-doh. I attempt to pick up my knitting when I can, and when I can't pick it up, I dream knit or dream craft. I have lists of things that I want to make.

Resting // lots and lots of resting and baby snuggles, and toddler games, and more snuggles, and more resting. I am in the season of rest and I am learning to love it.

Enjoying // I have really been enjoying all of the changes. Don't get me wrong, we have been figuring out how to balance everything, but honestly, I have been enjoying it. Enjoying relearning everything. Enjoying the precious art time I have with Bug. Enjoying diaper changes. Enjoying the weather. Enjoying our life as a family of four, enjoying getting to know what that means, and how to balance spending time with my kids, and my husband, and figuring out how to have time for myself. I have really been enjoying this process and I cannot wait to see how we all grow.

Listening to // Baby coos, pencil on paper, toddler giggles - these are the moments I live for.

Smelling // Apple scented candles. Fresh, crisp Autumn air. Freshly ground coffee. New baby smells. Clean laundry. Crayons from Bug crafting. There are so many amazing smells gong on right now.

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