Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Snippets

Casting on some socks using Vivid yarn! So PRETTY!! I also attempted to block my husband's Oiler scarf (it was curling a lot by the end)- we will see how it turns out! I may have to rip it out and try again, but I am really hoping blocking will work.
 We got a new activity book that Bug has called her Paw Patrol School Book - it has some awesome puzzles in it for her. Music school homework! I love hearing her and her daddy sing songs together. 
 Popcorn and movie night! First time watching Aladdin with Bug, she loved it!
 Park date. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon and we attempted to walk the baby out. We failed, but we had a lovely time anyways. 
 This is the first time she has ever tried following the step by step instructions. She only got stuck a couple of times and managed to make an adorable dragon! Meanwhile I am ripping out my socks because I didn't read the pattern correctly. Thank goodness for friends who can tell me right away that something doesn't look right! 

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