Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Weekend Snippets

Having a park date with friends "early" Saturday morning. Learning how to use our arm muscles!
I snuck away from our park date to take a picture of this pretty pond scenery. 
I bought the Pumpkin Apple candle from Bath & Body Works and, seriously, it is one of my favourite smells ever. I need to go back and buy at least three more!! Washing the floors - "last minute" chores before baby arrives. 
Got to sew in those ends!! Lego sorting with the daddy. Also we had a PJ weekend, because why not? 
First thing she wanted to do after coming home from church was to continue working on her craft from Sunday School. More lego sorting and building and playing! 
 Early Monday morning coffee! Bug was thrilled that daddy didn't have to go to work today!! 
 Playing with a new toy that she earned from doing chores at the Farm with me. Then Bug wanted to go back down for some more lego. I followed with tea and book in tow. 
Got the crib set up, now baby room is done. A beautiful sunset that I couldn't keep my eyes off of. I have missed taking (and looking) at the sky. Definitely want to start making a habit of it again. 

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