Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekly Snippets

This past week we went off to visit my parents in the countryside. It wasn't my intent to take the week off of blogging, however, it felt so good. We relaxed, explored, crafted, read, and Bug got a lot of her schoolbook done. We played with Mimi and Opa and all of their kitties. We did absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. Time stood still. And we napped almost every single day. Here is a little teaser of our week. 
Playing with projects and crocheting many, many pumpkins. 
Early morning kitty snuggles and exploring Mimi's deck for treasures and ants.
Working on the Husband's Christmas present and snuggling in a blanket, eating breakfast outside! 
Reading Bringing Up Bebe with the cat and a play doh afternoon. She was making a space ship! 
She made me our family portrait on a leaf, it is now my bookmark. 
Crocheting and school work. She really loves doing her letters. 

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