Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Weekend Snippets

 Lazy Friday mornings waiting for the rain to stop. Puppy sleeping and morning cartoons. 
 Craft time and finally able to walk around the farm! 
 We will be jumping in those puddles later. Photos to come. :) 
Oh how I love foggy mornings! 
I was so happy that Bug woke up early enough to help me feed the cows. She has been sleeping in a lot this week. 
Cow friends. 
 Puppy walks and farm chores. 
 Such a pretty view. 
 Teaching a friend how to play Pandemic and even more pretty views. 
 Spider webs glisten with the morning dew. I have seen a lot of spider webs and pigs this weekend, it really makes me want to read Charlotte's Web again. 
Checking in on the cows and spending my last afternoon at the farm reading on the porch. 

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