Wednesday, August 23, 2017

the Royal Tyrell Museum

One of my goals this summer was to take Bug to the Royal Tyrell Museum. I grew up in the area of Drumheller so dinosaurs always seemed like a huge part of my childhood and I wanted to share that with her. And we made it!! It was our on last vacation before baby comes and we managed to fit it into our schedule. 

I think overall the museum was still a little beyond Bug, however, she really enjoyed anything that she could interact with. There were not enough microscopes to appease her appetite. She also really enjoyed us showing her what our favourite dinosaurs were as kids. Based on the comments she was making, all of the baby dinosaurs were her favourite. All in all it was a good day spent at the museum, walking around and seeing all of the fossils. I cannot wait to see how her love for dinosaurs or science will grow as she gets older. Here are a few pictures of our dinosaur museum adventure. Enjoy! xo

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