Thursday, August 31, 2017

Current Yarn Projects

I am so very pleased with the amount of knitting and crocheting projects that I have started since I last chatted about my yarn hiatus. Not only have I been surrounded by very creative friends, I have been watching a couple of podcasts (Cozy Up with the Stichin' Sisters & Hey Sister Podcasts) that have inspired me to pick up my needles and hook. There are actually quite a few projects that I am wanting to get done before the year ends and I am enjoying having a list to work from again.

Crocheted Pumpkins : I have teaser photos through-out my weekly snippet posts (see here & here) of me working on all of these babies. I enjoyed the mindless crocheted project and love having them come together in pumpkin adorableness. I have made them before using this pattern, however, I have since adapted and made them my own so that I can sell them at my mother's store. She wanted 36 and I ended up with only 32 because I ran out of cotton (to stuff them) - maybe I will go out and buy some more so that she can have the other four, maybe I will just leave it alone - we shall see.
Hat Trick Edmonton Oiler's Scarf : A while ago my friend Jamie from Cozy Up with the Stichin' Sisters posted a photo on Instagram about some awesome Hat Trick yarn she used to make her husband Calgary Flame Socks. Her sister made her husband some Oiler's ones as well. I knew I had to make some for my husband. After trying to convince him that he will love wearing knitted socks, we finally settled on a scarf. So I went over to River City Yarns, a local Edmonton Yarn Store who sells Hat Trick exclusively, and picked up the Edmonton colours. I am really hoping that there will be enough yarn left over to make some baby socks for our little one coming!!
Chevron Baby Blanket : Before I found out baby's gender I went out and bought some yarn for a blanket. Once I started putting it together, my husband pointed out that the colours I picked made it look like the American flag, so we took away the red option. Now it's this beautiful dark blue, teal, and green with white in-between, perfect for a little boy or girl. I struggled with the chevron pattern for a while before a friend helped me figure out my "issue," and now I am enjoying the mindless crochet. I cannot wait to put it into the nursery.
What have you, dear readers, been working on? Any knit or crochet projects? I will definitely take more photos and keep you updated on how they all of these projects come along. Thank you so much for reading. xo 

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