Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Snippets

On our way to a very important friend date with Little! 
Baby belly & Starbucks (much needed) and Bug who cannot wait to get playing. 
On the climbing wall as we wait. 
Hmm should I climb another one? - thought process, I am sure.
Easier rocks to climb.
Water Time!! 
We found Little!
Playing with water is fun as long as its in their control - apparently the girls are not huge into the idea of being splashed. Clearly this is something we need to work on! 
Taking a break at the park.
Finding wood chips to feed to the birds. haha. 
My kids! Two from other mothers, I love this picture of them all together. 
A birthday cake too cute to cut up and eat. We ate it anyways. Yum!! 

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