Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our Wabamun Lake - Beach Day

One of the reasons why I was excited to go camping this past weekend was because we were staying close to a lake. It has been so long since Bug and I had the pleasure of being near a lake, let alone playing with some lovely, lovely sand! (Park sand just doesn't cut it!!) Wabamun Lake was so lovely - the water was nice and the sand was clean, and since it is not that long of a drive from Edmonton, I cannot wait to go back. 

I have so much fun watching Bug as she explores the world around her. Her personality is such a great combination of her father and I. She loves to watch, to see what everyone is doing, to know her options, to go slow, to soak it all in. (that is me!) Then she jumps right in to what everyone else is doing. She makes a splash, a mess, she runs, goes crazy, she becomes fearless, and enjoys every single moment of every single thing. (Her father!) I love exploring with her, to watch her as she surprises herself with the things that she can accomplish, and I love how she pushes me to go crazy, to be fearless, to make a mess, to go outside of my comfort zone, to be just silly. These are my favourite kind of moments. When we can be together, the absolute best of friends, and laugh the day away. 

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