Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Our Landslide Lake Backpacking Trip

This year for the Canada Day Weekend we decided to join our friends on a three-day backpacking trip up to Pinto Lake. Our group consisted of eight couples - one who was pregnant, aka, me! - two little girls, one baby, and two dogs. At first I was a little hesitant with the idea of backpacking while being 29 weeks pregnant, however my friends were all so encouraging. We picked a trail that had spots to camp every couple of kilometres so that I could stop whenever I needed plus there were two little girls who we knew would want to walk up parts of the trail on their own two feet. With all of these things in mind (especially the encouraging husband and friends part), I figured that this was the perfect time to start my journey into the world of backpacking!

The plan was to hike up to Pinto Lake, however, for whatever reason we ended up on the wrong trail and headed up to Landslide Lake instead. I would have never known that we were one the wrong trail except for some people, who hiked up to Pinto before, remarked that they didn't recall certain parts of the trail. I found it to be immensely enjoyable and very beautiful. I enjoyed hiking with different members of the group, chatting about this and that. It was especially great chatting with the husbands of the group and getting to know them more since I usually only hang out with their wives. Our group also divided up into two different walking paces, so depending on how I was feeling for the moment I would either join the faster walkers, or slow down and head to the back of the group. I think that was a reason I was able to walk as far as I did, being able to listen to my body and speed up or slow down as needed was such a blessing.

We ended up not making it all the way to Landslide Lake the first day which was approximately a 16km hike to the top. My hips decided to stop working around the 8km mark and we decided to set up camp as soon as we found a spot. I felt really bad for stopping the party so soon, but again, I have amazing friends who didn't mind at all. We found a lovely campsite and settled in for the evening. I definitely crashed early, and once I oiled my joints (seriously, I felt like the tin man from Wizard of Oz), we enjoyed a lovely second day.

Husband, Little, Bug, and I stayed at the campsite while everyone else continued their way to Landslide Lake and it was such a great afternoon. I was able to get the rest I needed for my body, spent some lovely bonding time with my husband by beating him in Monopoly deal, and explored the woods with the girls.

On the third day we traveled back down the trail. I was able to walk 7km before I felt my hips tightening up a bit and then I refused to take any more breaks. I just knew if I stopped I would not be able to continue going. haha. Silly hips!! This trip was so much fun. I had an amazing time with wonderful, encouraging family and friends and I can now officially boast that I hiked almost 16km while pregnant! I hope you enjoy these photos I managed to take before my camera died. xo
I attempted some photography in the passenger seat on the way to our campsite. Love Alberta skies!
It rained for the first little bit of the hike! It was very short lived, but I did enjoy having a small experience of hiking in the rain. We all scrambled to get raincoats and rain covers for our gear, and the colours of it all looked so good against the trees. 
Bug wanted to walk a portion of the trail after lunch. There was a very steep part of the mountain that she climbed with the help of her daddy's leading hand. She was so proud when she reached the top and we were so proud of her. 
Bug & Little together again!! Collecting rocks, sticks, and finding monsters and ghosts in the woods! I love those two so much. 
Four Tents in a row. 
Little, Bug, Husband, and I took a break on the second day and hung around the campsite while the others continued hiking to Landslide Lake. My body was very grateful for the break and the girls, I am sure, were thankful that they didn't have spend the afternoon in their carriers. We had a lot of fun exploring our campsite area, watching the bubbling creek down below, peeing in the bush (seriously, Bug LOVED IT), playing cards, reading stories, and just relaxing. It was such a great afternoon. 
Wild Roses and Dusk. What an amazing combination. Happy Belated Canada Day. 

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