Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bug's Favourite Hairstyles

(Bow or Tinkerbell's Bow as she likes to call it.)

Bug loves her hair. Her golden locks, that according to her are almost as long as Repunzel's, give her so much joy. She plays with it constantly and likes to twirl it when she is tired. Her favourite thing to do in the morning is to remark at just how crazy it is. She loves to brush it and let us brush it, she will pick out her favourite clips and ponytails of the day, and she will sit patiently as we try new things or as we fill out her specific request. She loves braids a lot! 

I have been having a lot of fun documenting Bug's hairstyles. These have been our favourites recently and I thought that they were too cute not too share. xo  
(Ponytail with Bow & Pigtail Braids)
(Ponytail Pigtails) 
(Pigtail Buns or she calls it Two Bows)
 (Half up, half down & French Braids) 
(French Braid & Two Braids into One)
(Aurora's Headband (because Alice has a bow) & Space Buns)

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