Thursday, June 22, 2017

Surrounded by Creativity + Product Photography

Over the last several months I have been feeling creatively drained. I haven't reached for my crocheting in an awfully long time, my camera has been sitting out collecting dust, even my blog has suffered from lack of writing. I have longed for and loved the idea of getting back into the swing of everything, but with lack of energy and creative oomph, I took a very long break from it all.  

Fortunately, I have formed a circle of friends who are amazing, creative human beings here in Alberta. They have filled my heart and brain with their thoughts, goals, and ideas. I have seen their projects become something over time, coming to life, and bringing joy to others. I have enjoyed talking about a certain craft and project with these women, and even though I have not yet picked up a hook, I have been feeling the inspiration to be a maker again. This community that we have created here, whether formed in person or online, has been so crucial to my creativity break. It fed me when I was tired, and now it is filling me with excited passion to make something from nothing once more. 

One thing I have been blessed to do, during this time off away from creative things, was to take photographs of some of the lovely baby blankets that my friend had been making. Wanting to make a portfolio for herself, and me, completely longing to use my camera again, we became the perfect team one afternoon. With tea in hand, music in the background, and awesome props to use, we documented two baby blankets, and I rediscovered my love for product photography. I hope you enjoy. 
Above is a lovely chevron blanket. 
Below is a gorgeous hexagon pieced blanket.

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