Thursday, June 29, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Little

This week is the last week that we have with our Little. It has been such an incredible year of friendship, growth, learning how to share, learning how to play together, and how to play separately together. Our Little and her family have become so very close to us, an extension of our family. I have appreciated having this little girl enter into our world for over a year. We are going to miss her so much and I am so thankful that isn't a forever goodbye, only a change in schedule. We will be seeing her around and I am so glad that we have future summer plans in the works. 

Little has taught us so many things and added so much character, whimsy, and love to this household. Bug and I have both grown because of her and we are immensely thankful. We have learned to appreciate the outdoors so much more, we have learned that there is more than one was to do something, we have learned to communicate clearer to each other, we have learned the importance of giggles and laughter, and we have learned the joy of being silly. Like really silly. Bug and Little have falling in love with songs and stories together, they are Jedi and Princesses together, they are Paw Patrol partners, they hold hands for walks, they giggle over cereal, they run around in circles until they are too dizzy to stand, and they love to jump in puddles. They both beg to go outside daily. They daily beg for a story to be read to them. They are two peas in the pod and yet they are night and day. They are friends adventuring together, figuring out this thing called life. And as Bug puts it every night at prayer time, Little is her best friend.  

Some of their favourite things: Paw Patrol, reading Robert Munsch or Junie B Jones before nap time, wagon rides, splashing in puddles, banana pancakes, dancing to Let it Go and How Far I'll Go, bouncing on the bed, sweeping the floor, playing with chalk, playing with water, reading picture books together, playing dress up, and singing songs while doing all of the above. 

Below are some of my favourite pictures of the two of them together. xo 

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