Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Japan 04 - The Ueno Zoo

There were two big reasons why we wanted to visit the Ueno Zoo while we were in Tokyo. The first being that we have a three-year-old who absolutely loves animals and the second is that it is home to two very cuddly, adorable looking PANDA BEARS! My husband's favourite animal growing up was the panda bear so it just seemed like perfect family activity to put on our itinerary. Admission was inexpensive also!! We had an awesome time and I would recommend this zoo to anyone traveling in Tokyo. 

Our first stop was at the Panda Bear exhibit, however, since we found them both asleep, we decided to visit them again after we walked around the zoo for a bit. 
Seeing the five-storey pagoda was awesome. It is the only structure from the Kan’eiji Temple that survived the battle of Ueno in 1868. 
Monkey in Japanese is Saru. One of our favourite Japanese words. 
Pretty cityscape view from the zoo! 
Penguins!! My favourite animal! 
Turtles are still one of Bug's favourites. No matter where we go, if she sees a turtle, she is one happy lady.
Flamingos are another love of mine. I first started loving them as an Alice in Wonderland fan and now I just find them beautiful. 
The tiger came right over to say hello to Bug. If I didn't see the glass for myself that stood between her and the tiger, I would have freaked right out. 
Eventually we made our way back to the Panda Bears and they were awake, munching on some delicious looking bamboo. I am so glad that we decided to spend time at the Ueno Zoo just for the bears alone. 
Thank you so much for reading about our Ueno Zoo experience. 

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