Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our Japan 03 - Shinjuku Gyoen (National Park)

The Shinjuku Gyoen used to be a home to the Naito Family during the Edo Period. Now it is a gorgeous garden that has three different styles to it: French Formal, English Landscape, and traditional Japanese. Sadly the tea house was closed and many of the blossoms had not yet bloomed (except for the Ume trees), yet we still found this garden breathtakingly beautiful. Bug couldn't stop staring at the koi fish, husband loved that we could walk into the house, and I immensely enjoyed being surrounded by nature. I definitely want to go back when the Cherry blossoms are blooming and when the grass is greener. I cannot imagine how pretty everything would be in full bloom.
We walked around the park making our way to the traditional Japanese gardens. 
She just loved the koi! 
It was Valentine's Day and there were many couples out on picnics - such a cute idea! 
View from the Naito house. Can you imagine waking up to a view like that every morning?! 
A couple of photos that I managed to take from the French Formal part of the gardens. So pretty. I love how uniform everything is. We sadly did not make it to the English Landscape before the park had to close. 
Family Portrait! :) 
I may be the odd one out here, but I really enjoy seeing cityscapes in the background of such beautiful parks. I just like the contrast between nature vs manmade. I cannot wait to come back to this spot in the future with my DSLR! 

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