Friday, May 26, 2017


Hello friends. It has been such a while since I have dedicated a lot of time to this blog so I thought it would be nice to write a little post of some of the things that I have been doing, thinking, and enjoying as of late. A little catch up, if you will. I hope you enjoy. xo 


Reading // I have really enjoyed the amount of reading that I have been able to partake in lately. I have managed to read two books a month, and I know that it doesn't seem like a whole lot when I really think about it, the fact that I have managed to keep this going since January is really making me happy. I have struggled with getting back into reading since becoming a mother - often it falling through the cracks when I have so many other things that I could be doing. However, I am trying to balance it all - and as long as I keep my days adjustable to the day, and not strict to a schedule, I am finding that I am able to keep on top of most things. Currently I am reading A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for Book Club as well as the 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson and Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  I can't read just one book at a time. That would be weird. ;) 

Playing // I am trying to get back into the habit of really playing with the girls. I need to stop what I am doing (usually housework) more often than I do and just play. Get down on the floor, add to the imagination, play, encourage, be a part of, chat them through, sing with them, give ideas, help them explore the world, read more, get them to help with the chores or cooking, sit with them, and slow down. I need to release my inner child. 

Watching // Now that the weather is getting warmer out the desire to stay cooped up watching a movie or a tv show is slowly diminishing. I just want to be outside. However, I am looking forward to Orphan Black starting up again. 

Trying // to plant veggies in my garden. I have a great house plant green thumb, but so far my outdoor plants seem to struggling. It also doesn't help when my three year old decides to make a sandcastle where my lettuce was growing (haha, oh boy) - we will see if it survives or not. 

Cooking // Husband and I have been trying to make more effort in meal planning our weekly meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch, supper, dessert) so that we don't fall into the trap of wanting to order in or go out to eat. I love cooking when I have a plan, and when I don't all motivation dies! So we have been trying to find recipes that excite us, ingredients that we love, BBQ more, etc. 

Crafting // I am currently working on many different projects at the moment, trying to craft as the desire comes and play with the items that I actually want to play with all whilst trying to reinforce my gentle deadlines goal. I don't really have deadlines (hooray for crafting things for the home, girls, gift shop, Christmas, etc) that I have found myself sometimes going weeks without crafting and allowing my "to-do" to stretch out a little longer than I would like. I am hoping that if I blog again I will be able to create that desire to want to be able to see some projects complete! 

Scrapping // the idea of perfection. I have chatted about this thousands of times, and yet I still struggle with it. 

Going // Summer is the time for making plans with friends, trying to figure out how much of Alberta we can visit, trying to see family, etc,  and all while keeping life spontaneous. A few more things have been added to our Summer bucket list this week, so husband and I have been trying to find room for them all. Hoping to fit a lot of camping, backpacking, and road trips in while we can. 

Resting // I am still trying to figure out the balance of rest vs housework vs playing with the kids vs everything else that I want to do in the day. I am finding that rest is so important and that when I do ignore it, nothing else really gets done properly because I am so tired. So I am trying to remember to treat myself. Nap when I need to (obviously when the girls are sleeping), have a bubble bath when I want to, or just sit and read a book. 

Enjoying // the process of getting everything in my home sorted and cleaned. We moved out of country a couple of years ago and put a lot of stuff in storage at my parents house and FINALLY my father delivered the last load of stuff a couple of weeks ago to us. It is so great having everything here, being able to go through it all, get rid of what we no longer need or want, and just know what I have and where I have it. Such a good feeling.

Listening (to) // When we are not listening to Let it Go on repeat or My Little Pony albums, I find myself enjoying the voices of Iron & Wine and Matthew Mayfield. I also enjoy the sounds of the birds chirp and the girls giggle when the music isn't on. 

Smelling // the fresh, crisp air of the morning has been something that I eagerly look forward to every single morning. I hope that I can continue to keep the tradition of rising early, opening both doors and  all the windows for as long as possible. To breathe in fresh air every morning, sit on the back steps or on my couch weather pending, and to take a couple minutes to wake up has been so very lovely. 

Considering // cutting my hair. There are days that I love my long hair, but there are more days that I don't. Time for a change, yet I also want to grow it out and be a mermaid. The struggle! 

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