Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Animals in Ice

"How did they get in there? We got to get them out of there! Come out, kitty! Come out, dinosaur!" 

Hearing that it was supposed to be a very hot day out today, I decided to make an ice project that the girls could play with. Something fun, different, and cooling on the hands as the air got warmer around us. I grabbed a cake pan, little plastic animals, food colouring, and water, and created an iceberg that they could bang, kick, shovel, and throw around. With sticks, shovels, plastic knives, and rocks (the girls picked out what tools they wanted to use) they chiseled, scooped, scraped, broke, and picked at the ice, trying to give the animals freedom. 

They did a great number on the iceberg, and with the sun to help melt it, this was a great activity that they could keep coming back to. They checked on their animals, scraped and threw around the ice some more, then they would go back to their snack or chalk. This repeated so much this morning that we ended up working on it for over two hours. 

It was both joyous and sad when all of the ice melted and the animals were suddenly free on the sidewalk. I am definitely going to try this project again but I will be switching out what ends up in the ice. Maybe balls. Lego. Or other plastic toys. 
It is my hope to keep these projects coming, involving many things not just ice. I want to make sure that we are taking advantage of our every day, learning and having fun all at the same time. If any of you, dear readers, have thoughts, suggestions, or ideas as to what projects we should attempt, please let me know. I would love ideas! xoxo 

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