Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Project 365 // Days 22 - 39

Playing a little Project 365 catch up this week. My little family took a holiday to Japan for the majority of February and I didn't want to broadcast that we were leaving, or had left, until we got back home. Call me overcautious, but I have read a lot about people whose houses were broken into once the mentioned they were away for Holidays. I don't want that! :-)  

Anyways, now that we are back, I want to share photos with you guys. The post today is from before vacation. I am still sorting out holiday photos, so I hope to have that up in the next couple of days. Enjoy.

22. A pretty view from the front yard. 
23. Sleeping baby and puppy, worn out from fun with family and farm life. 
24. Hungry Hungry Hippos forever and ever and ever. 
25. Succulents finding the sun. It will be time to propagate them soon. 
26. Sunset and cloud love.
27. We have been sick over here, so we entertain ourselves by making art for other people.
28. Working on the succulents. 
29. Bought a little school activity book for Bug today. Drawing little a's are hard! 
30. New yarn!! Oh the projects to come!
31. Our doors are magnet, so we decided to hang up all of the art from our sick week. 
32. Scrapbook stickers are the best kind of stickers, also helps with learning the alphabet too! 
33. Paw patrol buddies! 
34. Working on some Valentine's for the dear friends in our lives. 
35. Lovebug's room got an update, it is now a little girl room and not a toddler room. 
 36. Packing for holidays!
 37. I grabbed a handful of all the books I want to read for the month of February. Trying to decide which one to start first has always been the hardest decision for me to make. 
38. Watching the latest podcast from the Stitchin' Sisters. I love them so. 
39. After waking up at 7am, not wanting to nap at 2pm, she crashed at 5pm. 

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