Friday, January 20, 2017

Project 365 // Days 15 - 21

15. Melting crayons with friends is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. If only all the kids would nap! haha. 
16. A pretty tree with lovely clouds.
17. Busy day of church services, lunch with friends, and a future evening of hanging out with family - playing in the park seemed like an appropriate choice to kill a hour. 
18. When friends bring you cookies and starbucks because you are having an anxious filled morning. <3 
19. A pretty sunrise to make us girls swoon. (we play the "I see" and shout out all the colours we can find)
20. Reading new books from the library and playing trains. Beatrix Potter is one of our favourites right now. 
21. Played with glitter today. Bug was extremely happy and so was I! 

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