Friday, January 06, 2017

Project 365 // Days 1 - 7

Another year means another Project 365 - a project where I take a photograph every single day and post it once a week (on a Friday). I love this project because it is a way for me to see the "little" moments in our lives, to remember the things that I am currently loving, and it helps challenge me to open my eyes and see what is going on before me. This will be the third year of me doing this challenge and you can view all the photos here. ox 

1. The first sunset of the year through an ornament. 
 2. Finally able to play with her new toys from her birthday and Christmas past. 
 3. Finally finishing up the last couple of rows for the Temperature Blanket. Hoping to post about it soon.
 4. Our Little is back and we are super happy about it. 
 5. Putting away Christmas bit by bit. 
 6. This game has already been played about 50 times and it just got taken out of its packaging. It's a winner! 
 7. I made some delicious soup for friends yesterday, and it makes for great leftovers. It is this recipe but I used ravioli instead of tortellini's - and no spinach! 

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