Tuesday, January 10, 2017

December Colours : the Temperature Blanket

366 single crochet rows later and the 2016 Temperature Blanket project has been completed (minus weaving in ends!!), and I am thrilled, and oddly sad about that fact. My fingers have been twitching to start this project over for 2017, but with a list of many crocheting goals, I must move on. 

Was this project worth doing? Absolutely Yes! I loved having something to do every single day, and I found that crocheting one row a day really was not that hard to fit into my schedule. It is fun seeing the colours flow in together, to marvel at how it really was not that cold in January, and fun to remember our Lethbridge trip when it got to +34. It was fun bringing this project with me places, the colours caught the attention of others, and their curiosity led to awesome questions. I highly recommend. 

Here are some pictures of what December looked like based on the colours I choose. As well as the blanket overall. It is longer than I thought it would be, but with the help of friends, I have figured out away to make it wider!! Stay tuned for more Temperature Blanket adventures! 
Being a goofball, because when you have a HUGE blanket, you kind of have to wrap yourself up in it. ;) 
The See the Journey of this Blanket, click below: 

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