Friday, November 18, 2016

Project 366 // Days 313 - 326

313. We started the weekend right by heading to the zoo with friends. What a good day.
314. I will never get tired of looking at the sky. 
315. Working hard or hardly working. This project has been going for about a month now. 
316. New games and marbles turn into a colour matching game. 
317. Fall walks with these pretty ladies.
318. Play date with friends at the park. 
319. Magnets have become such an exciting thing for the girls to do each day. I am thinking we need to add some more fun ones to the mix. 
320. The snow won't stop us from having adventures. 
321. I oddly feel the need to buy more plants. Crazy or normal? 
322. Beds are for jumping. 
323. We brought out Bug's Christmas tree. She is so in love with it. 
324. Exploring new materials and figuring out how to play with them. 
325. Story time. 
326. The last thing on this project to-do, making tags for them.

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