Monday, November 21, 2016

October Colours : the Temperature Blanket

Finally! After running out of green, trying to find it, realizing that I have been looking for the wrong brand, then actually finding it, the month of October has finally been recorded in 31 single crochet rows. Whew. I only used two colours to record the month, and even though repetitive, I love having the green back in the blanket. 

I cannot wait to start on November, I haven't even looked at the temperatures for this month and I am really hoping that I can start crocheting turquoise into the mix. 
October starts in yellow (9 - 16) and ends in green (0 - 8) 
The entire blanket at a glance. 
Ends needed to be weaved in. 


  1. I love how blanket is turning out!
    It must be somewhere on the site, but I can't find it. What kind of stitch, yarn and hook did you use?

    1. Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate it.

      I use single crochet stitch, 5.50 mm hook, and the impeccable brights yarn! I picked the impeccable brights because I love how bold and bright the colours were, as for hook, I used what I have. I have seen this project done in a granny square rows, in all the same colour scheme (seven different types of greens), using thin yarn, etc. I love how this project can be so adaptable to preference!! If you start one, please let me know, I would love to see your journey!!!