Wednesday, October 05, 2016

To Oma, with Love : A Journey into Single Crochet Seaming

This project has been an absolute privilege to work on. I was asked by an auntie if I could take on a project for my Oma, who loving made herself hundreds of knitted squares with hopes of making a blanket for herself. I was thrilled when I got asked to help out. Being able to work on something for my Oma, knowing that in the end she will be able to use this, that was the real treat. 
Starting from scratch, figuring out what pattern to make with the squares that were created was probably my favourite part of this whole blanket. I enjoyed the endless possibilities and it really reminded my of my long-lost love of quilting. 
Once I was happy with the pattern I gathered the squares, piling them by rows, and marked their order so that I could stack them. Oddly enough the husband nor the toddler appreciates having a living room filled with knitted squares.
Starting with row 1, I decided to use a method called single crochet seaming to put the squares together in long rows. This binding stitch reminded me, once again, of quilting and I thought the ridge around the squares would pop against all of the blue. This was the hardest step because some of the squares were different lengths and created with different tensions, but I soon got it figured out. This was probably what took the longest with this blanket.
Then I joined the rows together, while watching many episodes of Downton Abbey, might I add. Making sure that each square lined up perfectly was simpler that I thought it was going to be. Then before I knew it, this blanket was complete, this project over.
Front side above, back side below. 
Taking pictures of craft projects with two toddlers is hard, but hilarious. They loved that they could help me out.
It was so fun to be able to put this together for my Oma, in hopes that she will be able to use it this winter. I am so excited to see her reaction. There are definitely left over squares, she made a lot, so I am trying not to be too sad that this project is over. I am thinking of using up all of the squares and making many lap blankets with the sole purpose of donating them, somewhere, in my Oma's name. I think that would be a fantastic way to continue spreading the love. 

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