Monday, October 03, 2016

The Edmonton Corn Maze

One of my goals this year was to get our butts to the Edmonton Corn Maze before the closing weekend, like we did last year. I wanted to see Bug's reaction as we tromped through a maze of corn, I wanted to see what it was like going through the maze while the corn stalks were still green. Amazingly enough, I find that when I voice and make loud my goals, they happen way more often then when I keep them to myself. Funny how that works.

With family members in tow and hats on our heads, we headed out to the corn maze. Luckily, the wind was blowing its sharp autumn chill, the sun was shinning, and pumpkins were for sale, creating the perfect day (in my opinion) for a fall family day. We picked a really good weekend to go. Last year, because it was the last weekend of the Corn Maze being opened, it was so busy that we weren't able to enjoy other activities that they had to offer. This year we took advantage and played with so many animals, went on a train ride, jumped on a giant pillow, and husband took Bug on the pedal bikes. The corn maze was muddy, but beautiful. And only one family member fell on her butt, and it wasn't me!! I highly, highly recommend visiting the Edmonton Corn Maze. Whether you have littles or not, I am very certain you will have an awesome time.
Now, the greatest thing of all time happened The first photo is of this years corn maze trip, taken by our auntie, and the second is of last years, taken by me. Without even thinking about it, two similar photographs were taken of my husband and my daughter, hand in hand, in the corn maze. man, I love happy accidents.

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