Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pumpkin Painting

There is just something about October and Pumpkins, the combination is just as good as peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Salt and Pepper. You get the idea. When October hits, sometimes even before, I practically want every smell in my house, every coffee that I drink, everywhere that I look to be filled with pumpkins. 

A couple weekends ago now, Bug and I went out to the farm to visit family and pick some very pretty pumpkins. And then, in the stores, I saw some Tiger Squash that looked way more like little pumpkins than any tiger squash I had ever seen. So I adopted them and instead of eating them we decorated. 
 On the farm, picking out pumpkins and being so happy. 
It was so much fun painting the pumpkins that we did them on a couple of different occasions. Bug loves to paint and I am excited that she is figuring out how to use her paint brush, change colours, when to stop with the colours before it all turns grey. haha. 

On one of those occasions, we had another little girl for the day. Not knowing how yummy these paints would taste, I gave Little some washable markers. She had a blast, but was soon bored of drawing on the pumpkin, and got more interested in eating the markers. I am so glad I didn't give her paint. haha. Maybe another day. 
We then tried another activity that ended up being so neat. Melting crayons on to the pumpkin. Using a hairdryer and some crayons, we melted the wax onto the pumpkin. Bug picked out the crayons she wanted to use, but did not want to hold the hairdryer. Fair enough, it was pretty loud. During this activity I was disappointed because, just like with paint, using all of our colours seemed to make a muddy colour. After it dried, however, I was very pleased and thought it looked very pretty.
Here are the pictures of our end results. Sadly, Little's washable marker design washed away during a rain storm.
Don't forget to read about our Pumpkin Contest!!! We would love to see how you and your little ones decorate their pumpkins. You could win a prize!!! Click the link for more details! :) xo 

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