Friday, October 28, 2016

Project 366 // Days 292 - 305

292. Fridays are for pyjamas. All day long. 
293. The first Frosty of the season, we didn't have a carrot so we used chalk. 
294. Changing my coffee table tray for a more autumnal feel. Little things like this make me happy. 
295. So happy to get my quilt back, our bed has never been this pretty! 
296. Why pick one book when we can read all of them? 
297. Playing with chalk and a cardboard box. 
298. Bunny assembly line - Crochet, drink coffee, crochet, repeat. 
299. My house turned into a Color By Amber workshop over the week. I had two online parties and  a living room full of skinnies. 
300. I took a break from what I "needed" to do and painted some pumpkins black. 
301. I thought this Gerbera plant was a goner, but we are getting some flower action going on here. 
302. Halloween cake pops are a must this season!!! Do it!! 
303. Hers vs Hers. Almost three year old and a 16month old love the sketch-o-pad. 
304. Sometimes I make them hold hands so that I can take cute pictures like this one, other times its so I can stop to collect leaves. 
305. On rainy days we write letters. Sending out gifts for friends and work letters. 

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