Friday, October 14, 2016

Project 366 // Days 285 - 291

285. Fridays are for reading. All the books. All day long.
286. A pretty view from Nana's deck. 
287. I know I am in the minority, but I love snow. 
288. Working on a fun project. Anyone want to take any guesses as to what I am making?
289. Rock painting with nail polish is the best project ever. She cannot get enough.
290. Bought some yarn for a blanket project for Bug. The first photo is how I set up the yarn for my Project 366 photo, the second photo is where I "hid" my yarn from toddler hands. They like to pull all the yarn. 
291. It snowed a little today, so we went out and investigated the flowers.


  1. I know the project for 288 :)

    1. bahaha Yes You Do. I may have complained a few too many times with you! hehe. We are getting there. I am working on the third head this morning!!