Saturday, October 01, 2016

Project 366 // Days 263 - 275

263. My first ever Epicure party was an absolute blast! I highly recommend having one. There is nothing better than girls night mixed with awesome food and lattes. 
264. The leaves are turning! 
265. Enjoying the abundance of an auntie's garden. Thank you. 
266. These little succulents are sure taking their sweet time growing. I moved things around a bit so I hope it encourages them to grow faster. 
267. Bug insists she fold her socks. She does a pretty good job!
268. Messy book water colours. 
269. Husband and I spent ten minutes trying to capture this beauty! 
270. New flowers and homemade soup are amazing when I am sick. 
271. Corn Maze Puddle Stomping. It was beautiful out, but it sure was muddy. 
272. Berry - Our Goji Berry Tree - sure likes the colder weather!! Thanks, Berry! 
273. Admiring our sweet little pumpkin craft. Pictures on the blog soonest. 
274. Couldn't resist adding this gem. Jewellery in the mail is the best thing ever. 
275. Today was filled with kindred spirits, homemade soup, homemade London Fogs, crocheting, and audio books! I don't think it gets much better than this. 
275. The Hubs and I don't appreciate the same kind of weather : Husband runs into the car because it is raining outside. I decided to take a million photographs outside because the colours are perfect, the air is crisp, and its raining outside! 

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