Friday, September 09, 2016

Project 366 // Days 249 - 255

249. Working on a special gift for a special little man who turned one several months ago.
250. Moody and raining, and we love it because we are at Nana's house. 
251. Pretty sunset, pretty view.
252. This photo holds all sorts of emotions for me. Bug has never really enjoyed sliding, but this summer she continually surprised us by stilling trying them, holding two fingers, then one - and now she is a sliding boss. It was also awesome that she had a kitty pal to watch her. 
253. Bug and I are working on something awesome together. I am going to write about the awesomeness of the Keri Smith books soon. 
254. We got our stroller buddy back today!! yay! Of course, the little one ran off as soon as I brought my camera out - I swear, I have two toddlers!! 
255. Trains & blocks! She made a barrier so the train would be stuck. 

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