Thursday, September 01, 2016

July & August Colours : the Temperature Blanket

Row by row. Day by day. Week by week. And now, here we are. It is the first of September. My how quickly you have come. As I finished crocheting the last row for the last day of August this morning, school buses were passing by my window. Everyone is winding down, holidays are over, a sense of normalcy about to begin. 

I got behind in my temperature blanket project because I ran out of red. But I bought some more. And now I need more orange. At least I am officially caught up - September can wait for another day. I was telling a friend yesterday, that even though there are times when I crochet 6 rows of the same colour, I am still loving this project. It may not be as fun to look at when I am only alternating between two colours, but I enjoy the process of making this blanket. 

July Colours:
A little comparison of end of July and end of August below.
August Colours:
When we were vacationing in Lethbridge, several weeks ago, there was a day where the temperature reached 34 degrees. That is HOT! Since my chart only goes up to 32, that was an extreme! I decided to use white yarn as the colour for the day so that it would pop against the orange and red, showcasing the extreme. 

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