Monday, September 12, 2016

Inspired by Pooh : Homemade Garden Vegetable Soup

Lately the days has been mixed with sounds of giggles and creaks from floorboards as little girls jump up and down with all their might. They ignoring their inside aches; the sniffles and coughs that come from cold bugs entering in uninvitedly. They, two toddlers, take their sickness so much better than I. All I want to do is complain, layer piles of blankets on top of me, and sleep the world away. So I learn from them. From these two little girls who are jumping, and laughing, and living their day to the absolute fullest. 

And since I don't want to jump, because then I would be exercising, remember I am also sick - I choose to read. Out loud. To two toddlers who only come close to look at pictures. And what better book is there to read from when one is sick than Winnie the Pooh? Our days have been filled with the words of Milne as we read the adventures of Christopher Robin, Edward Bear, otherwise known as Winnie ther Pooh, of piglet, of Eeyore, and of many other characters in the Hundred Acre Wood. We fly on a balloon with Pooh, we get stuck in Rabbit's hole from eating too much with Pooh, we follow footsteps left by mysterious creatures with Pooh & Piglet. And even though the girls continue to laugh and play, to jump around as they do, I cannot help but wonder if they are, somewhere deep down, listening to these stories too. 

With all of that being said, since my brain has been in the Hundred Acre Wood, when a friend gifted me with a bunch of garden vegetables, I couldn't help but wonder if I could make a veggie soup that Rabbit himself would be proud of. So I tried. 
I received carrots, beets, beans, potatoes, a squash (I really don't know what kind), and zucchini. I began by chopping and frying them up in a pot with a little bit of oil. I added pured tomatoes, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and garlic, and let the soup cook until the tomatoes had thickened. Lid closed. For an hour or so.
The results were absolutely delicious. If was a stew type texture, thick and jam packed with veg. AND, the best news of all, the toddlers ate it up gladly! I win. haha. I wanted to share this recipe today because it was such an easy soup to make and any vegetables, or meat, could be added and it would still taste great! Its warm and inviting and, I think, perfect for the fall weather that we have been having recently. Enjoy.

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