Monday, September 05, 2016

Farm Life

We got to stay at the farm again! Last month, my little family and I became animal caretakers. With cows, dogs, kitties, tractors, bugs, and birds - we said goodbye to city life and hello to country noises for an entire week. It was so lovely.

This is the same farm we stayed at last year, and even though we have been able to visit it often, I found that this particular stay was something special. The world is a unique and lovely place in the eyes of a two (and a half) year old. Adventure, mystery, and excitement are everywhere. Bug was kept busy, fulfilled, and entertained by climbing fences and hay bales, running around free, finding bugs, talking to animals, looking for flowers to collect, searching for that special rock, pleading to go on the quad a million times a day, and asking to help out with my chores.

My shoulders relax, I breathe deep, and I let Bug run wild. She loves to run and it is so refreshing to see her run either far in front or far behind. I don't need to worry about anyone or anything else (maybe a tractor if they boys were out working) coming too close. She can just run.

I feel like this week at the farm was a huge confidence booster for Bug. Now she climbs higher, jumps further, and runs faster. She is not as cautious as she once was, she is not afraid to fall. It is so neat to see just how much this week has changed her. I love seeing her grow. She is no longer a baby, and I feel like she is no longer a toddler, she is growing fast, growing quickly into an amazing, independent little girl.

I asked Bug what her favourite thing to do at the farm was, her answer : I like climbing and Patty (the cow)!

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