Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Along the Trunk Roads

Our last summer holiday of the year was spent outdoors in the wild woods, along the Forestry Trunk Road. Taking advantage of the warm air, my little family and I decided to spend a few days camping. We have camped along the Trunk Roads before, years ago, before little Lovebug came into existence, and because of that we had lovely memories of a certain spot down by the river. As luck would have it, if you believe in luck, we were able to claim it as our home for a few days.

We had an amazing time out exploring this area. Upon arrival Bug started yelling, "I love being outside!" over and over again, which was so cute, and not surprising because we had just spent a couple of hours in the vehicle. We found pretty flowers all over the place. We witnessed some fish in the water (and told them to swim up steam to avoid the three fishermen who joined us on our last day). We read a lot of books and coloured a lot of pages. And best of all? Because little miss Bug has a lot of brightly coloured items and clothing, we were visited by several butterflies and a Hummingbird.

These photographs are of some of our adventures along the river bank.
Does anyone know what kind of egg this is? I know its for a bug, but what kind of bug?

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