Friday, August 12, 2016

Project 366 // Days 221 - 227

221. Last day relaxing at the farm. Found this hidden bird house and fell in love. 
222. This dog is one of my favourites. 
223. A week away from our house proved to be awesome for our outdoor plants. Our goji berry tree and gerbera daisies were blooming so very prettily.
224. We didn't bring our calendar to the farm so we spend an hour catch up on our colouring. 
225. Sometimes it is good to put toys away for a little while, only to bring them out again later. We haven't had our Elmo tent out since we lived in our last place (I am pretty sure), and now it makes a perfect addition to our card. 
226. Sometimes messy kitchens are a good thing. It means company was over, fun was had, with lots of tasty food. I hope. ;) 
227. Another plant that has been doing amazing over the last couple of weeks. Look at all the leaves. So hard to believe that it started out with only two leaves when I first placed it in my aquarium. 

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