Friday, August 05, 2016

Project 366 // Days 213 - 220

213. Storm hunting with my dog friend. After about a hundred photographs, I managed to capture lightening. So very happy! 
214. The birds are dancing in the calm before the storm. 
215. She is free. 
216. Hmm, I have no idea where she is. 
217. Patty licks Bug, Bug pets patty. They are friends. 
218. I need to run to Michaels to buy more red yarn for my temperature blanket. I have four more rows to crochet and three of them are red. BAH! 
219. The pansies are also free. Free to grow wherever they want to grow. 
220. New to add sunflowers to my list of favourites. One day I will have rows of them!! 

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