Tuesday, August 02, 2016


One of my favourite things is exploring the world with my family. 

Making: Other than the Temperature Blanket project, I have been focused on planning for many, many Christmas projects. I want to make many crochet bunnies, many hats, many flower necklaces, and other bits and pieces for my mother's store. I am also trying to plan some Christmas DIY ideas for the blog. :) I cannot believe I am already thinking about Christmas. haha.

Reading: I have restarted One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It has to be one of my favourite Christian spiritual growth books. I really enjoy Ann's writing style and I love the way that she sees the world. It is so easy to forget the gifts around us, to forget the joys in our every day.

I am also in the middle of the Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss which is AMAZING. I think I am reading it slowly because I want to savour it. Rothfuss needs to come out with book number 3 soon!

Next on my reading list is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - I have heard so many lovely things about it so I am excited about it.

Working on: Some of you may already know, but I have joined a direct sales company that I really adore. Color By Amber is a jewellery company that up-cycles and reuses materials around the world, its environmentally friendly, and its helping empower women from around the world. It has stretched me and left me outside of my comfort zones at times, but I absolutely love this company, what it stands for, what it is. I love that with each piece of jewellery it has a story to tell. Lately, I have been working on building up my FB page, on sharing the lovely, and even buying more jewellery for my personal collection.

Loving: Over the last couple of weeks, we have been spending the majority of our evenings outside walking. We walk to the mall, to the park, to the store, and just aimlessly. Not going to lie, sometimes Pokemon Go drives us to go outside, but lately I have been finding myself only using my phone for photographs. The outdoors have given us so much energy and we are really enjoying our summer because of that. I find that it also has really increased Bug's love for the outdoors, she never wants to go inside the house, and I love that.

Listening to: I have really been in a Passenger mood lately. Usually I find myself looking for an already made playlist on iTunes and listening to that a couple of times through. Or if I am writing I will find a soundtrack playlist on 8track. Favourite playlists have been Writing Sessions: Fairytale & Writing Sessions: Journey.

Enjoying: the process of becoming a morning bird. I have always been one to stay up way too late, but now that I am watching my friend's little girl full time, I can't exactly sleep in. I have been trying to find ways to make this process easier or exciting for me on days that are rough. Coffee helps, music is awesome, complete quiet is even better. Also spending time outside right when I wake up is such a mood booster.

Watching: my husband just finished Stranger Things on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I only caught bits and pieces, but that is a series I would like to watch from beginning to finish. I have been in a Mellissa McCarthy - I don't know if its because I am super excited for Gilmore Girls to come out in November, but I have been just loving her. We have recently watched Spy, The Boss, and Tammy, and next on my list would be Identity Thief and Ghostbusters! ;)

Evening hope: I want to go swimming so bad. I would love our day to include bbq, swimming, walking, and reading while the sun goes down.

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