Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Succulent Update

My little succulent babies are no longer babies. I have placed them all into pots and soil. They seem to really like their new homes. I cannot believe how many succulents are on the stem of the old succulent - I am not too sure if I should just let it grow as it wants or if I should eventually remove some of them. Can you tell that I am new at this?
My love bug has really been enjoying watching all the succulents grow. Not every day, but most days she goes to the windows and remarks at how pretty they are or gives them a kiss. I love that. I personally cannot wait until they all get to be an absolute huge size, those tiny succulent forests are calling my name!! 
Also, does anyone out there understand cactus language. I have one cactus (photo above) that is growing well and sometimes aims at the sun. However, there are two more (photo below) that haven't seem to shown any difference at all. Are they dead? Should I try a different pot? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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