Saturday, July 30, 2016

Project 366 // Days 191 - 212

191. We bought some pretty flowers to brighten up our yards. Loving the pop of colour. 
192. I was gifted a lovely writing desk from my Grandpa, who passed away, and it is now a favourite piece of mine in the craft room. 
193. Reading to two girls can be tricky sometimes, but they love it. Rarely do they sit beside me, usually they plan and run and bounce. 
194. Bug is helping me with outdoor chores, this is her looking at how yucky our wipes are after washing all the tables. 
195. Bloom. 
196. Had the best tasking tuna sushi salad EVER! And it was pretty so I took a photo. 
197. She is convinced that sleeping on the stairs would be amazing. 
198. Pokemon dates with the family! 
199. A pretty sunset after a relaxing day! 
200. Watering the birdies. She loves her outdoor chores! 
201. (Photo to right & Underneath) Bicycle rides, chalk, and gazing into clouds. 
202. We rearranged Bug's room in order to figure out where her bed frame is going to go. We all love the new set up! 
203. Girls together equals matching outfits and wagon rides. 
204. The gardens around us having the pretties poppies. 
205. Bug was so proud of the kitty she drew - I mean, come on, its adorable (look sideways!) 
206. Running errands while wearing pretty jewellery makes me happy. 
207. Golf ball, sand toys, and chalk - how else should we spend our mornings?
208. Our flowers have been loving all of the rain we have been getting. 
209. Chalk for days! I draw, but she tells me what to draw and what colours to use. :) 
210. Why use magnets for learning when we can use them as pretend bandages!?
211. Flowers and bracelets. 
212. We went for a walk and so did the geese! 

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