Friday, July 01, 2016

Project 365 // Days 177 - 183

177. When I suddenly get the day off, we bring out the chalk and go crazy. 
178. She likes jewellery more than I do. 
179. My succulent babies are no longer babies and we had to move them to bigger homes. Lovebug loves working in dirt and with plants - she carefully kissed them all. 
180. Today the girls were very excited about lunch, so we took a photo to document such a feast. 
181. I sent my husband to Michaels to get orange yarn for my Temperature Blanket, and he came back with the RIGHT stuff. I told him it was a test and that if he came back with the wrong stuff he would never have to go to Michaels without me again, boy is he mad that he found the right one. 
 182. We are colouring our July Calendar photo early, because we are just way too dang excited. And because I am trying to be a better planner and I flipped the calendar to July before the end of the month. Can't have that turtle stay naked on our wall! 
183. Rain drops and flowers - today a storm came quickly and I opened all the windows so that my house could be filled with the smell of rain! 

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