Tuesday, July 05, 2016

June Colours : the Temperature Blanket

Beautiful, hot June! There you are. All the rows complete - mostly orange and red. Hot! I slightly feel like I "cheated" June. This entire month I was on catch up mode. I did not have a single day where I crocheted the specific row of the day that I was currently living. June whirled by so fast, and July is here. Wowza!

I have had to repurchase both orange and yellow. I also don't crochet all days in the town that we live, if we are traveling around and spend the majority of the day in a different location, I will crochet based on the temperature of the new location. 

Here is a quick look at my colour guide for warmer weather: 
0 - +8 = Green
+9 - +16 - Yellow
+17 - +24 = Orange
+25 - +32 + Red
+ 33 & Above - White or maybe a pink purple - I will decide if we ever get that extreme of a day. 

I am still in love with this blanket project. I have been getting so many compliments on the colour choices and how its turning out. I love that it makes other people take a second glance over in my direction as I work. I love that even though I can get weeks behind, it really doesn't take "that" long to catch up. I am really enjoying seeing our year at a quick glance.
It is hard to see the red next to the orange, so I edited my photos slightly so that you can see the contrast. All of the colours are not as vibrant as they are in real life due to those edits. 

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