Friday, June 24, 2016

Project 366 // Days 170 - 176

170. Making some Sprig Necklaces for a shop in Camrose!! I enjoy creating things that other people fall in love with so, so, so much.  
171. Pre run stretches with daddy. 
172. Playing with some gorgeous jewellery on Father's Day. We did go to the farm, have a bbq, play with kittens, saw some cows, and spent time with the special men in my life, HOWEVER, skinny pictures were the only ones I took that day - oops. ;) (feel free to like my Facebook Page - I sell these beautiful things!!!) 
173. I got a antique vanity and I am in LOVE.    
174. We are having a sick day. The hour started with Bug colouring and snacking on my bed and it ended with her passed out asleep. 
175. I hope the sky never gets old for me. That I never look at it and shrug my shoulders. 
176. I plan to be finishing up this project very soon. It has been sitting, calling my name, for far too long. (ps, I also downsized, when I first started joining squares, I realized this blanket was going to easily cover a King sized bed - not what I wanted - so here we go again!) 

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