Monday, June 20, 2016

Project 366 // Days 163 - 169

163. Last day to work on this little guy. Go, Go, Go! 
164. Look at all my green, babies!!
165. The only way I can crochet these days is on the floor, with two babies cuddling me every five minutes. I don't mind. :) 
166. Baking is ALWAYS better with a Toddler. Always. 
167. I would love to have our entire backyard (cement slab and fence) covered in chalk. The colours, the pictures, the memories. 
168. I need to create a little patio set up so that I can have an evening cup of tea and watch as the clouds change colours and move around. 
169. Crocheting a blanket and coffee can fix any cold, damp day, right? 

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