Thursday, June 23, 2016

May Colours : the Temperature Blanket

May has come and gone; I got a little behind on this project. It happens. And it's okay. So, while watching a couple of awesome movies and television shows with the husband, I picked up my hook, my yarn, my blanket, and I went to work. Beautiful May in all its hot glory. Lots of orange, lots of red, a tiny spot of green - Summer came early.  
I told Bug that I needed to take some pictures of the blanket (a couple weeks ago now) and she really wanted to help me out with it. She started pointing to all of the colours, telling me, or maybe you, what they are and what they meant temperature wise. She said what her favourite row was (the one and only purple one from January) and exclaimed that she loved all the orange too! Then suddenly the blanket became a magic carpet to ride, a coat to keep her warm, and a magical swing that swung her "up, up, up, high to the sky!" and then she ran away. :)

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